Worry no 1: Will I be Able to Deal with the Pain

Worry no 1: Will I be Able to Deal with the Pain

Having a newborn baby is a challenge for young parents, especially if they have to learn parenting by themselves. There are a lot of things that one needs to settle, such as an excellent place for the newborn and you may be worried whether the furniture you bought is the right choice. You may need a baby chair and a cot, but you don’t know the best type for a newborn. Apart from the items required by the baby, parents are also worried about the baby itself and the process of giving birth. Below are some of the major worries about having a baby and what you should know.

Worry no 1: Will I be Able to Deal with the Pain?

Most women fear labour pains, especially if they have heard too many scary stories about childbirth. Indeed, childbirth pain is not like any other pain you have experienced, but some of the birth scenes you have watched or heard may be exaggerated. Labour pains are also not constant, meaning you will have breaks that will make it easier to manage. The encouragement is that other women have gone through it and still opt to have a second and third child.

Mothers can have different emotions after childbirth

Worry no 2: Do I love the Baby As I should?

It is a universal expectation that a parent should love their baby more than anything else and feeling something different can cause a lot of fear and worry. It is common for mothers to feel like there is no bonding between them and the newborn. Mothers can have different emotions after childbirth, and it can take weeks or months before you feel the bond with your baby. Mothers who feel that the disconnection is beyond normal or have taken too long should seek the advice of a health professional.

Worry no 3:Will I have a Normal Baby?

Everyone wants a healthy child and will do whatever is required to ensure that. Unfortunately, some babies are born with defects due to factors beyond our control, and this is a major worry for expectant mothers. Expectant mothers should avoid harmful products such as cigarettes and have a proper diet to prevent these defects.Alcohol and cigarettes are a known to be a major cause of defects in unborn babies. It is important to note that the percentage of babies born with defects is meagre, and the ones that happen are mostly not life-threatening for the newborn.