Another baby: This is what you have to consider with the stroller

Another baby: This is what you have to consider with the stroller

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a stroller to purchase is the size of your family. Its often for families to need a stroller that can accommodate more than one child. Sometimes it’s two and other times even three. With a new member (newborn baby), you may require a new stroller. Below are some things to consider in such a case:

The size of the stroller

The type of stroller you choose depends on the size of your family. If you expect a second baby or twins, you should probably consider a double or triple stroller. In addition to the number of compartments in the stroller, you also need to consider the size. For instance, if you have a toddler and a newborn, you may need a stroller with enough space for the toddler and a compact compartment for the infant.

The type of stroller

With another child on the way, another critical factor to consider when choosing a double stroller is the type. Below are some common types of double strollers;

  • Jogging strollers: If your family is active, then you may want to consider a jogging stroller. Jogging strollers usually have three big wheels that resemble bicycle-racing wheels. Jogging strollers are often very sturdy, and they can withstand minor vibrations from jogging and other movements. These strollers are not only ideal for jogging, but they are also great for working on both rough and smooth surfaces or terrains.
  • All-terrain double strollers: These strollers are ideal for sporty parents. They are perfect for long off-road hikes as well as smooth pavements.
  • Side by side strollers: These strollers are designed with two seats side by side. They are often narrow to allow for more effortless movement through doorways, store aisles, and small walkways. The size of each seat on the stroller is the same as that of a baby’s car seat. With this type of stroller, both your kids can get the same amount of room for their arms and legs. Your children can also communicate with and see each other. These strollers also allow your kids to see and experience their surroundings. Side by side strollers is also an ideal choice because they will enable you to reach both your children more comfortable.
  • Tandem strollers: These strollers feature one seat behind the other. The back seat usually has more room to allow for full reclining. On the other hand, the front seat cannot recline completely. This is an ideal stroller if you have a toddler and an infant. That way, you can have your toddler in the front seat and the infant in the back seat.
  • Umbrella double strollers: These have double handles that fold easily like an umbrella. They are often very light, small, and the most straightforward design in the market.

Your budget

When choosing the best stroller for your growing family, you also need to consider your budget. The different types of strollers mentioned above all feature varying prices. Therefore, when choosing a convenient size, you need to consider the quality and style of the stroller you need.


Note that choosing a stroller for a family of two or more kids is not the same as choosing one for an only child. Other factors you need to consider include the strength, durability, and ease with which you can handle the stroller.

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